Thanks for opting to read the TUB Rules and F.A.Q. Thanks, and remember - when in doubt, refresh the paintchat page. The applet gets screwy sometimes.


1. Please be respectful of others' personal space. Do not delete layers unless everyone agrees to it. Do not draw on someone else's drawing unless you have their permission. Or unless everyone agrees it's really, really funny.

2. You are responsible for saving your own artwork. You can save it by using a print screen command. No, there is not a built in save command. Sorry. Remember, the board may be wiped at any time if loading it becomes too cumbersome.

3. Feel out the current mood of the paintchat before participating. Sometimes, people will be drawing scribbles and crap all over the place. Other times, strange as it may seem, some people actually like to draw on here. Please be respectful, going back to rule one.

4. Please erase your artwork when you are done. This helps keep the board clean. If you have to take a break and go somewhere, it's understandable - just write something to the tune of "do not erase" or "be right back" next to your artwork. Otherwise, please erase your work so that others have room to draw.

5. Use common courtesy. Please don't "box off" or claim large areas, take up ungodly amounts of space with your drawing, and/or anything else of that ilk. Remember, other people are drawing along with you.



How do I draw?

Click on either one of the Enter buttons, enter the room with a nickname (our only rule about that is that you please do not impersonate someone else). If you are a first time user, you might find the Standard Interface more accomodating, as it has fewer features.

From there, you can pick a tool, pick a color using either the pre-mixed colors, or dragging the RGB sliders, and then dragging the slider for brush size. In the standard interface, you can choose a different tool by clicking on the tool buttons to cycle through (e.g. Pencil will turn into Pen and so on). In the advanced interface, you must choose a toolset from the menu and select a tool from there.

Keep in mind that when you first enter, it may take a minute for the paintchat to load! It will also take a minute to load the "log" - that is, the history of what people have drawn since the board was last wiped.


How do I chat?

Once you're in the room, enter the text you want to in the area marked "Chat" and press enter to send it. You can also float the chat window with the "F" button, which puts the chat portion of the paintchat into a new window.


How do I save my image?

Paintchat does not have a built-in save feature; you will need to save the image using Grab (Mac) or a print screen/screen capture shortcut.


What is the difference between Standard and Advanced Interface?

The standard interface has fewer tools and is less cumbersome than the advanced interface. The advanced interface has more options, and you will need to click the advanced interface menu to see windows with colors, painting tools, and so on and so forth.



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